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First Week of February 2021

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About the Boat Show

For 66 years the Spokane Boat Show has featured the latest in boats and boating accessories from dealers around the Inland Northwest. If you're a seasoned boater looking for that next big step, or are new to boating looking to enjoy some of the most scenic waterways this country has to offer, this show is for you.

Over 50 dealers from around the northwest representing the newest model boats and boating accessories from around the country, all right in your own backyard! The Spokane Boat Show is sponsored by the Spokane Yacht Club. 

A Message from the SYC Commodore

Brandon photo

Being a member of the Spokane Yacht Club since 1998 I am proud to say that I will become the Spokane Yacht Club’s Commodore for 2020.  I would like to welcome everyone attending the Spokane National Boat Show and thank you for your patronage.  Our local boat dealers are excited for you to see their boats, watercrafts, seminars, and gear showing you the latest in everything associated with boating and being safe while out on the water. 

The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful bodies of water to enjoy for a family fun time together, from the Columbia River to Priest Lake and what can be enjoyed in between.  My family is fortunate enough to enjoy the Spokane Yacht Club on the Spokane River and the special spots Lake Coeur d’Alene has to offer, including Pend Oreille and Priest River.  Nothing compares to the family/friends and the memories we have made while out on the water with no plan but to make memories.

If this is your first boat, no worries your fellow boaters are some the nicest and most helpful people you will find, we are all out here to get along safely.  You will have help learning your safety rules and you can take the Boating Safety Courses offered by the USCG learning how to boat safely and abiding by the safety laws.  Look at all of your options at the Spokane National Boat Show and dive into what will be your most exciting memories. 

Live BAREFOOTN with Anchors Up and make those memories that will last a lifetime.

SYC Commodore 2020 
Spokane Yacht Club

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